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Emily & Karen Kalenauskas
Kalenauskas Farm and Market
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United States

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Kalenauskas Farm, LLC was founded in 1914 by John C. and Josephine Kalenauskas. John C. & Josephine developed the farm into a fully operating dairy farm. In their passing, John A. and his wife Marie Kalenauskas took over operation of the farm and continued to develop the property into what it is today. In 1986, the family made the decision to sell off their dairy herd and transition their focus into a less labor intensive operation which included an increase in hay production and livestock production. The farm is currently run by two of John A. and Marie's children, John M. and his sister Karen Kalenauskas, with the assistance of John A. and Marie's grandchildren, family members, and friends.

Throughout the years, Karen developed her own niche within the farm and established Karen's Lambs, LLC which focuses on the production of lambs, goats, and wool products. Karen's Lambs, LLC features some of the wool products produced on Kalenauskas Farm at local fiber festivals and Farmer's Markets across Connecticut.

In 2014 Kalenauskas Farm celebrated their centennial anniversary. We gathered with countless family members, friends and people who have been a key part of the farm being in operation for 100 years and commemorated our success.

Throughout the years, we have continued to expanded our offerings to our customers. We now supply sawdust and shavings to customers through our own mill, which is operated on our farm. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020, we began Kalenauskas Farm Market, opening our retail store selling products that were 100% produced by members of the Kalenauskas Farm Family. The store features beef and lamb from the farm as well as fiber products, honey, maple syrup, soap, cutting boards and many other seasonal goods.