Sugar Maple Farms

Chuck Haralson
Sugar Maple Farms (Lebanon Agricultural Products)
631 Exeter Road
Lebanon, CT 06249
United States


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Sugar Maple Farms started in 2006 when Chuck Haralson offered Jim Jahoda a business proposition. Jim made great maple syrup and Chuck knew how to sell it. So, with Jim’s 25+ years of experience in syruping and Chuck’s 30+ years in selling they formed Lebanon Agricultural Products and Sugar Maple Farms was born.

Jim taught Chuck the ins and outs of syruping, from tapping trees, laying lines, collecting sap and cooking it down. What they produce is some of the finest Maple Syrup in the New England area. Jim also is a skilled Bee keeper. So naturally honey production was added to their product list. Hives are in several locations in and around the Lebanon area. The honey that is pulled is kept in the raw state and has become a very popular item for them to sell as well. Given their agricultural status they also grow horseradish, garlic, potatoes and various melons.

Sugar Maple Farms is in multiple Farmer Markets year round and does quite a few Craft Shows/ Festivals around the State. They have developed a comfortable customer base and are known for the consistency and quality of product.

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